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Can one choose cybersecurity as a good career option?‎

In the current time, looking at the threats and defending the attacks in cyber domain, cybersecurity area has been recognized as typical department in most of the organizations. There are much more open jobs then the qualified candidates to fill in. As per Cyber Seek Job Mapping , about half a million jobs are available.

How difficult cybersecurity analytics is?‎

The cyber security domain involves fast pace environment and requires good technical skills. With good source of education and dedication, one can easily achieve the objective.

What are the typical work hours in cybersecurity jobs?‎

 Mostly, cybersecurity jobs are full time jobs. However, its not restricted to 9-5 job looking at the threats and attacks can happen anytime. Few organizations offer flexi hours for cybersecurity professionals.

What are the entry-level daily tasks?
  • Look for alerts and respond. Also, escalating where appropriate.
  • Look and research for new threats and attack methods
  • Junior level penetration testing
  • Preparing incident reports
  • Automating repetitive security tasks
How long does it take to get certified in cybersecurity?‎

Depends on what kind of certification you are looking for. If one knows the basics of Cyber Security, the ODCP certification would take from 4-7 months with consistent dedication and effort. ODCP gets trained to core cyber security subject and mostly go thru hands on industry based training.

What is ethical hacking?‎

The objective of an ethical hacker is to test the penetration of a controlled server/network environment to find the vulnerabilities and remedies of the gaps. This type of hacking is also known as “penetration testing” because the white hat hacker, or ethical hacker, tests the system to see if there are any areas to breach or exploit. This allows the organisation to ensure its systems are up to date and secure so that its weaknesses aren’t taken advantage of by illegal hacker.

Is ethical hacking in demand?‎

As the cost and severity of cyber attacks continue to rise, so too does the demand for cybersecurity professionals with the skills to help defend organisations. 

Should I have basic understanding before starting to learn ethical hacking?‎

Before aiming to become an ethical hacker, work towards proficiency in database handling, networking, and operating systems. Communication and a creative mind are also required in ethical hacking roles. Not only will you need to solve problems quickly and with confidence, but you’ll also be required to predict an illegal hacker’s next move.

Do I need to be a coder to be a cybersecurity professional?‎

Many entry-level cybersecurity roles do not require programming skills, but it is an important skill for mid- and senior-level cybersecurity jobs.

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